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“Jazz is my go to place, a sound that transports me to a deeper place.”

Kari Gaffney

Co-Host, Kari Gaffney stops by once a week to sit and talk about jazz artists of today. A native Southern Californian, grew up surrounded by family and friends deeply involved in all aspects of the entertainment industry; many are famous performers, actors, songwriters, producers and sound engineers. In fact Gaffney’s paternal grandmother was a CBC radio actor in the 30s and 40s known for Children’s Scrapbook, Flying For Freedom, Solider’s Wife, Canada Marches On, L for Lanky, and Canadian Cavalcade, just to name a few. Gaffney herself has 3 pop albums, 2 jazz albums and has recorded numerous singles for various compilation CDs. This profound “in the trenches” approach gave Gaffney the foundation, that would then be built upon 28 years of #doing for other artists. This trend will be carried over to the jazz radio show Modern Jazz Today, presenting new music on a weekly basis to inform, entertain, and discover new jazz of today.

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