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Modern Jazz Today - Presenting today's creative artists

A radio program that focuses on today's jazz. Jazz is an ever-evolving landscape that is bringing elements from this generation's favorites, just as their predecessors did. Modern Jazz Today hopes to give this generation of improvisational makers, standard's arrangers, and original composers a place to have their music heard and discover other like-minded music. Modern Jazz Today is currently programmed in 3 Countries: the U.S., Canada, South Africa on 42 terrestrial and 2 online stations. If you would like to carry the show on your station, please get in contact. We would love to hear from you.
Modern Jazz Today - Presenting today's creative artists


Modern Jazz Today Hosts:

Jeff Williams and Kari Gaffney

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Founder, Producer and Co-Host of Modern Jazz Today, Jeff Williams began his career in music as well, a composer, 6, 7, 8 and 9-string guitarist, bassist (acoustic and electric), published author, and educator. Williams holds a bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Composition from Berklee College of Music. As a freelance musician Williams performed throughout the United States also in the trenches with a multitude of jazz groups. In addition, he studied with master educator and jazz guru, Charlie Banacos. Williams’ compositions have been used by the US Government for their ensembles; he is hired by numerous entities for transcriptions, orchestrations, arrangements and is a published composer. His work has been featured on soundtracks for TV, promos and films.

“Music has changed me, it has altered my very DNA, so I am a Genetically Modified Organism BY music.  Music is the most profound magical form of communication there is, it WILL change you!”

-Jeff Williams
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Co-Host, Kari Gaffney stops by once a week to sit and talk about jazz artists of today.  A native Southern Californian, grew up surrounded by family and friends deeply involved in all aspects of the entertainment industry; many are famous performers, actors, songwriters, producers and sound engineers.  In fact Gaffney’s paternal grandmother was a CBC radio actor in the 30s and 40s known for Children’s Scrapbook, Flying For Freedom, Solider’s WifeCanada Marches On, L for Lanky, and Canadian Cavalcade, just to name a few.  Gaffney herself has 3 pop albums, 2 jazz albums and has recorded numerous singles for various compilation CDs.  This profound “in the trenches” approach gave Gaffney the foundation, that would then be built upon 29 years of #doing for other artists. This trend will be carried over to the jazz radio show Modern Jazz Today, presenting new music on a weekly basis to inform, entertain, and discover new jazz of today.

“Jazz is my go to place, a sound that transports me to a deeper state of mind.”

-Kari Gaffney
Modern Jazz Today is a creative weekly program that enjoys an international distribution to terrestrial and on-line radio stations across the globe with a program that is chalk-full of current players that will appeal to people with many musical interests. We appreciate our listeners and network of stations currently playing Modern Jazz today, we are committed to keeping our programs current and ever evolving.
Our passion is to broadcast the jazz good news. The joy of creating, the voice of jazz, the stories of today that are reflected in the history of yesteryear, but a deeper reflection of the landscape of today’s sound. We have been presenters of jazz, in many forms but still distilled into the same message JAZZ. We will take this passion and life’s work and implement it into what we hope to become your passion as well. Join us, grow with us and explore your passion today..

What people are saying about Modern Jazz Today

“Modern Jazz Today” provides our station with jazz programming that explores artists and music that need to be heard, featuring talented musicians who are willing to go beyond the standards. Hosts Kari Gaffney and Jeff Williams have put together a well-produced, informative program that we hope to air for years to come!

-Bob Earle, Program Director, CHMR FM (Canada)

“We musicians rely on the support of passionate advocates for the music – such as you & Jeff – who actually know what they’re talking about and love the music. Thank you, again. I’ll make sure that we tune in each week and will spread the word for you.”
– Simon Lasky, pianist and fan – United Kingdom

“Kari and Jeff – this is really, truly great! I love how you provide the info and context for the artists!!!”
– Aimee Allen, jazz vocalist and fan NYC

“Great show Kari!!!! You and Jeff are just too hip. Loved it! Can’t wait to hear what you do next week!”

– Fred Hughes, master jazz pianist, Washington DC

“BIG Ups to Everyone at Modern Jazz Today (MJT)! You’re doing a phenomenal job of sharing the CURRENT state of Jazz productions with audiences who wouldn’t hear it otherwise. Keep up the Great work.”

-Sweet Lu Olutosin, Jazz Vocalist (USA)

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