Capturing Spirits (JKQ live)

Guitarist Jonathan Kreisberg has been steadily building his name as one of the most compelling composer/performers in Jazz.  Combining timeless melodicism with forward thinking lines and textures, His style and approach has created a strong following of fans around the world.  He frequently tours worldwide and records with his own groups as well artists such as Dr. Lonnie Smith, who says of Kreisberg "He is a passionate musician with great vision, and he is constantly in fiery pursuit of innovation."

Jonathan has now recorded eight CDs as a leader, including ONE, his recent all solo guitar cd, and WAVE UPON WAVE, his latest JKQ offering. On the latter he brings along alto saxophone genius Will Vinson, the incredible pianist Kevin Hays, and the young rhythm section team of Rick Rosato and Colin Stranahan and creates modern jazz that combines a respect for the tradition with instrumental virtuosity, modern soundscapes and influences from every corner of the world (and beyond).

Although currently based in New York City, Jonathan can be seen on tour worldwide. Entering the major Jazz Festival circuit with their electrifying show at Jazz Baltica (the combined video footage is now at 300,000 YouTube hits and counting), JKQ has subsequently performed many of the major European and American festivals.

When not on tour Jonathan can be found at his steady Wednesday trio hits at Bar Next Door in NYC, as well as at the Jazz Standard and Smalls Jazz Club.

New For Now Music

Combining timeless melodicism with forward–thinking lines and textures, the music of guitarist Jonathan Kreisberg has long connected with the hearts and minds of listeners around the world. This was evident in several studio albums that became modern classics for many in the jazz guitar community. However, until today the energy of Kreisberg’s epic live shows had remained undocumented on record. Now with the release of “Capturing Spirits – JKQ Live!”, listeners will take part in a special evening of improvisational risk taking, instrumental storytelling, and performances of bold new compositions. Come along for the ride as these master musicians push the limits of modern expansive jazz and create an album that truly captures the spirit!

Jonathan Kreisberg- Guitar

Martin Bejerano- Piano

Matt Clohesy- Bass

Colin Stranahan- Drums

Recorded live in concert at Jazz Schmiede in Düsseldorf, Germany on March 15, 2019

1. The Lift
2. Trust Fall
3. Everything Needs Something
4. Relativity
5. Known You Before
6. Wild Animals We’ve Seen
7.Body and Soul

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