I Want More, Donny McCaslin

Donny McCaslin is best known as the saxophonist on David Bowie’s last album, Blackstar. The noted composer and bandleader has released a dozen albums over his genre-defying, Grammy-nominated career.

I Want More, Donny McCaslin

Donny McCaslin’s album “I Want More” is a standout example of his artistic versatility. McCaslin is a renowned American jazz saxophonist, known for his remarkable work as a bandleader and sideman, including notable contributions to David Bowie’s final studio album, “Blackstar”. Born in 1966 in Santa Clara, California, McCaslin began his journey in music at the age of twelve in his father’s ensemble and has since then made his mark in the world of jazz with over a dozen albums as a bandleader.

“I Want More” features an eclectic mix of music, with McCaslin’s signature saxophone solos taking center stage. The ensemble on this album includes keyboardist Jason Lindner, bassist Tim Lefebvre, and drummer Mark Guiliana, all of whom played significant roles in the production of “Blackstar“.

The album’s tracks offer a rich blend of different styles and genres. For instance, “Stria” delivers a catchy sound with saxophone riffs over synth lines, forming a dynamic texture that evolves into a dance-pop/rock line. The track “Fly My Spaceship” showcases an exciting fusion of electronic production and glitch-hop vibes. “Turbo” and “Landsdown” are described as rhythmic machines, with influences ranging from Nine Inch Nails to krautrock-infused electronic music with gentle string passages. Other tracks such as “Hold Me Tight” and “Body Blow” serve as creative amalgamations of genres, exhibiting elements of pop/rock, EDM, funky breaks, punk-rock, and jazz. The album closes with the title track “I Want More“, a funkified piece with a soulful melody that pushes genre boundaries while maintaining an energetic dance mode.

The album is commended for its originality, with a defiant and confident attitude that pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved within the realm of jazz. It’s described as an aural kaleidoscope, a valid current in the future of jazz that captivates listeners with its rich, genre-blending compositions.

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