Nuff Headlines, Shay Hazan Quintet

Bass player/composer Hazan is an ace face on the Tel Aviv jazz scene. His music covers Moroccan Gnawa music, hip hop and spiritual/free jazz with many destinations in between.

Nuff Headlines, Shay Hazan Quintet

Bassist and composer Shay Hazan is a mainstay on the vibrant Tel Aviv jazz scene. His new album Nuff Headlines finds him in the leadership role, a rare (although not unheard of) position for a bass player. The quintet is filled out by the two-horn duo of Tal Avraham on trumpet and Eyal Netzer on saxophone, along with Milton Michaeli on piano and Haim Peskoff on drums. Hazan’s musical roots spread far and wide into the magical realm of Moroccan Gnawa music (Hazan often plays gimbri, the traditional three stringed skin-covered bass lute), the new wave of hip hop, and the 1960’s Chicago free jazz and human rights movement. These roots all feed the single organism of the band, with Hazan leading from the bottom, anchoring and propelling the music with a force only a bassist can provide.


released September 14, 2021

Tal Avraham – trumpet
Eyal Netzer – saxophone, zurna
Milton Michaeli – piano
Shay Hazan – bass, gimbri, percussion
Haim Peskoff – drums, percussion

Rosa Salmon – vocals (*Old Tart)
Nir Tom Sabag – lyrics (*Old Tart)

Recorded December 18th 2019
Haogen Studios with Shlomi Gvili and Nitzan Levi
Mixed & Edited by Nitzan Levi and Shay Hazan

All music by Shay Hazan (ACUM)
*Evening Puja by Eyal Netzer*

Cover art by Dekel Hevroni


Episode #310

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