Sonia, Adaya Godlevsky and Haggai Fershtman


Inter-Disciplinary Artist,
Director, Actress, performance artist, Composer, Improvisator, Singer, and Harpist.

Born in Jerusalem in 1974, began to play the Classic and Celtic harp at the age of 11 Adaya's education includes the "Nisan Native" studio for theater and performance, "Rimon" music school and various composition master classes with Prof. Oded Zehavi, Arik Shapira and others.

Beginning in 2002, Adaya emerged as an independent artist, creating and directing compositions for stage, performance art pieces, and composing music. Adaya also participated as a performer in various theatrical, musical and performing arts projects. She creates solo works and has collaborations with other artists in other medias .

Adaya musical abilities range from classical music to experimental and improvisation. She has created musical solo pieces for harp, other instruments, and various chamber ensembles.

Adaya created and performed at festivals and events at theaters, music centers, music clubs, museums, and numerous art galleries around the world.

Works and lives in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Sonia, Adaya Godlevsky and Haggai Fershtman

Sonia is an album of improvised music for harp, electronics, voice, drums and percussion by Israeli musicians Haggai Fershtman (drums, percussion) and Adaya Godlevsky (harp, voice, electronics). The unusual instrumentation creates a palate of sounds drawing on influences including contemporary classical music, avant-garde jazz and electronic music. Fershtman has toured internationally with artists including Katamine, Monotonix and Assaf Avidan, and has appeared on numerous recordings. Godlevsky is an interdisciplinary artist working in music, theater and performance art. Sonia, recorded in Tel Aviv in June 2020, is a loving tribute to the memory of Sonia Barchilon (1976-2017) Haggai’s wife and Adaya’s good friend.

Harp, Voice and Electronics: Adaya Godlevsky
Drums and Percussion: Haggai Fershtman

Episode #283

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