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Modern Jazz Today Episode #127, a celebration of independent creativity and music, let the freedom ring!

This week was a holiday production week, the celebration of Canada Day and July 4th fell upon us with the long break in the midway point of the year.   For many areas across the nation record high temperatures came along with the week with staggering heat. The good news was, for some it was an entire week off, for some a 4-day long weekend, and while others at least a mid-week one day off break. At least it was a time to reconnect to the year that is quickly flying by and the important people in your life that make it special. For me, it was also a chance to reflect on some of the fine albums that Modern Jazz Today has programmed in the first six months of the year.  Already heading towards the tick down of year 3 with Modern Jazz Today programming at the turn of the calendar, it was a time to savor the wonderful music we have had the blessing to explore.

We hope you enjoy Episode #127, and we look forward to your suggestions of artists to play and subjects to cover.  This is our community and together we can bring focus to jazz. Let’s dig in!

Modern Jazz Today

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