Fourth Dimension, Brian Shankar Adler

Brian Shankar Adler is a multidisciplinary percussionist, composer and educator.

Using rhythm as a meditative process, Adler collaborates to tell stories- transcending the terrain between genre and geographic region. His music: "flows organically in pursuit of mystery, movingly existing in an ultimate state of fluidity," according to Jordan Richardson of Canadian Audiophile.

Shankar Adler grew up in an ashram, in the mountains of upstate New York and began his rhythmic studies on a tabla style mridang at the age of five. Receiving a scholarship to attend New England Conservatory, he studied drum set with Rakalam Bob Moses. In Boston, Adler collaborated with Korean vocalist, Sunny Kim on chamber/jazz project Prana Trio, releasing three albums and touring the northeast and Europe.

In 2005, Adler moved to New York City and has since worked with: Benedikt Jahnel, Bomba de Tiempo, Bombay Rickey, Chelsea Clinton, Cochemea, Guillermo Klein, Michael Leonhart, Frank London, Kate McGarry, Raga Massive, Kamala Sankaram and Elizabeth Swados. He has been recorded on over thirty albums including his most recent work, Fourth Dimension (Chant Records, 2019), which won best music video at Transcinema International Film Festival in Peru and official selection at Quiet City Film Festival in New York City. Adler has also been featured in Jason Bivin's book "Spirits Rejoice," Newsweek, JazzTimes, NPR, Downbeat and Modern Drummer Magazine. Other projects include Human Time Machine, A World of Percussion, Helium Music Project and Four Across.

Fourth Dimension, Brian Shankar Adler

Released December 6, 2019

Matt Moran – vibraphone
Jonathan Goldberger – electric guitar
Santiago Leibson – piano, keyboards
Rob Jost – basses
Brian Shankar Adler – drums, percussion

All compositions by Brian Shankar Adler (ASCAP)

Fourth Dimension is percussionist/composer Brian Shankar Adler’s seventh record as a leader, and offers listeners an album jam-packed with arrestingly beautifully compositions rooted in Adler’s own spiritual upbringing in an ashram. Joined by some of New York’s top improvisers – Matt Moran, Jonathan Goldberger, Rob Jost, and Santiago Leibson – the group weaves through peaceful and radioactive terrain with ease and style.

In Fourth Dimension, Adler invokes an inner world and musical language where surreal landscapes and symmetrical structures are created using textless mantras, disintegrating drones, mind-bending polyrhythms, and encrypted messages.

Adler says of his early childhood memories: “I remember we would spend one month each year in silence. It was quite profound, because we started hearing the world in another way.” He continues: “After looking into the mind’s eye and becoming comfortable with what is brewing from within, the outside world appeared to be a reflection of that source.”

The sum of his experiences meld fearlessly into the subject matter that is Fourth Dimension. Here, Adler maps out new pathways, techniques and concepts, using the ensemble as a musical laboratory, exemplifying the search for balance. Sound/silence, stability/instability, form/freedom, human/machine are just some of the ways that Adler and the group toys with the push and pull of polar forces. In doing so, the music exposes, exploits, and raises questions about the infinite dance of this gravitational search. The album asks the listeners: “what resides in the subconscious and is it a mirror of the outside world?”

Episode #221

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