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Everywhere is your stage

Modern Jazz Today is more than a radio show,
Modern Jazz Today is an idea that a person’s love of music is subjective, as subjective as one’s love of food flavors, taste in clothes and even one’s views about life. Hence, Modern Jazz Today is a celebration of the diversity of life through the focus on the spirit of individuality, uniqueness, and elegance, both through music and in life choices. Even historically the term “jazz” is described as meaning spirit; energy; and spunk. The term ‘modern” is to indicate present or recent times (derived from the Latin adverb modo, meaning "just now"). The word “today” is meant to convey the idea of being in the moment, being, existing, or occurring at this time, right now in the flow of consciousness. So, Modern Jazz Today is present energy flowing now. The goal is to empower your rhythm of life – to inspire you to radiate your uniqueness from inside out, your choice in music in this moment symbolizes you as a contemporary thinker who is confidently in the moment and reveals your energetic and dynamic character and your appreciation of an exquisite lifestyle.

Everywhere present energy is flowing, and we hope to inspire your rhythm, the time is now, and life is your stage, enjoy the moment and celebrate the energy of passionate improvisation!

-Jeff Williams, Modern Jazz Today - “Everywhere is your stage.”

Modern Jazz Today

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