Introducing the JazzÉtudenal Experience: A New Rhythm to Life



Introducing the JazzÉtudenal Experience: A New Rhythm to Life

Hello, esteemed jazz enthusiasts, industry trailblazers, and maestros of the music world,

I hope this message finds you well and immersed in the rhythmic embrace of your latest auditory adventure. I am writing today with an exciting concept that will resonate with you. It’s an idea that’s been developing on my scratch composition pad and, in my mind, steeped in the retrograde and inversion of jazz improvisation and the rigorous discipline of musical études. I call it “ JazzÉtudenal.”

JazzÉtudenal is a term that is meant to be a life philosophy, a way of embracing the unexpected syncopations of our existence, just as we would in a spontaneous jazz jam session. It’s about finding our groove amidst life’s complexities, like a bassist finding their pocket with a swinging drummer in a bustling bebop number.

Think of JazzÉtudenal as an intricate musical score inscribed on the staves of our lives, where the free-flowing improvisation of the jazz moment meets the diligent study of an étude. It’s a conversation between the spontaneous and the structured, the fluid and the fixed. Like a seasoned jazz musician who masterfully dances between the notes, a JazzÉtudenal life is one where we embrace the unpredictable yet also anchor ourselves in the disciplined practice of our chosen craft, but always with impeccable rhythm.

It’s about having a defined structure or being so comfortable with our fundamentals but being flexible to flow within the moment in letting the notes of our days fall where they may, but always with intention and grace, like a saxophonist weaving an improvised solo through a definite set of changes. It’s about learning to navigate our lives with the same dexterity a pianist might navigate the keys during a complex jazz piece, moving between major and minor, dissonance and resolution, complexity and simplicity, all with a sense of explorative joy, but with our heart centered on a constant pulse.

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Just as in jazz, every JazzÉtudenal life is unique—no two solos are alike. We each have our own rhythm, our own melody, and our own harmony to contribute. But the underpinning principles remain the same: improvisation, rhythmic diversity, and the disciplined pursuit of mastery.

So today, I invite you to join me in this exploration, this journey toward a JazzÉtudenal way of life. Together, let’s discover the beautiful melodies that can arise from this interplay between the structured and the spontaneous, the expected and the improvised. Let’s take the stage of life as players, composers, and improvisers, creating our own symphony of experiences. Everywhere is your stage.

In the spirit of this new concept, I am delighted to share that Modern Jazz Today will periodically feature a “JazzÉtudenal Moment” in our weekly syndicated show. These special moments are designed to peel back the curtain on the creative process of our favorite jazz artists, allowing us to peek into the heart of their rhythmic universe.

A “JazzÉtudenal Moment” is a brief interlude where performers share the story behind their songs, describing in their own words how they balanced their unique rhythm, melody, and harmony during the song’s creation. They will guide us through their improvisations, their rhythmic choices, and the disciplined pursuit of mastery that underlies their work. It’s a chance to glimpse the structured spontaneity, the studied improvisation that forms the backbone of their art.

These moments are not just about understanding the music; they’re about finding insight and inspiration. Each “JazzÉtudenal Moment” serves as a new theme for us to riff on, an invitation to develop our own Étude, a unique way to enhance our life’s flowing improvisations.

So, as we explore this JazzÉtudenal journey together, I invite you to tune in, listen to these fascinating moments, and be inspired. Let the stories of these artists guide you in creating your own improvisations, your own études, and your own JazzÉtudenal life.

Introducing the JazzÉtudenal Experience: A New Rhythm to Life 2
Remember, Modern Jazz Today is a celebration of the diversity of life, focusing on the spirit of individuality, uniqueness, and elegance. Historically, the term “jazz” is described as meaning spirit, energy, and spunk. The word “modern” indicates present or recent times, meaning “just now.” So, our Modern Jazz Today show is present energy flowing NOW, and our goal is to empower your rhythm of life.

Everywhere present energy is flowing, and we hope to inspire your rhythm. The time is now, and life is your stage. Enjoy the moment and celebrate the energy of passionate improvisation! Remember, as we say at Modern Jazz Today, “Everywhere is your stage.”

Let’s live JazzÉtudenal.

I am Looking forward to embarking on this melodic journey with you,

Jeff Williams, Modern Jazz Today

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